European Spallation Source

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    +20,000 sqm

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    Skanska, Sweden

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    The European Spallation Source (ESS) is currently one of Europe’s largest active infrastructure projects (£2billion). When completed, ESS will be a state of the art Scientific research facility providing the world’s most powerful neuron source.

    ESS will use a proton accelerator to generate the world’s most powerful beams of neutrons, which will be used to study the fine structure of materials. Instead of a nuclear reactor, ESS will use a proton beam colliding with a metallic target to produce the neutrons—a process known as spallation.

    The research conducted at ESS will contribute to major advances in biomedicine, pharmaceuticals, material research and renewable energy.

  • The first experiments are expected to start in 2027. The US currently has the brightest source of neutrons in the world at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. When completed, ESS is expected to be five times as powerful. ESS is currently under construction in Lund, Sweden.

    Our responsibility involves planning management on behalf of the main contractor, coordination of interface access divisions for the five divisions and delivery of planning management training and workshops to client teams.


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