New Children’s Hospital

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  • Size

    Approx.156,000 sqm

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  • Client

    BAM Ireland

  • The New Children’s Hospital is the most significant single capital healthcare investment project undertaken in Ireland. It will bring together the services currently provided at three separate children’s hospitals into a modern, custom-designed, digital, hospital, to deliver the best paediatric care and treatments. As well as playing a central role in the provision of acute paediatric healthcare services, the New Children’s Hospital will be the primary centre for paediatric education, training, and research in Ireland.


    Strata’s role:

    Strata was engaged by BAM Ireland to produce a cohesive internal fitout programme and accompanying phasing plans. The project commenced in October 2017 and the scope of our works included:

    Fitout Programme: Producing a robust internal fitout programme considering current site conditions, typical fitout sequences and standard hospital CSA production outputs for each fitout phase of the project.

    Phasing Plans and Visualisations: Demonstrating the programme and fitout strategies utilising various visualisation methods to interpret the information and express findings visually to the wider site team.


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