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    Skanska, Sweden

  • The Swedish Transport Administration’s Mälarbanan railway extension project involves the expansion of a busy commuter railway line from two to four tracks. Skanska Sweden have been commissioned to design a section of this popular rail line. This work will also involve the construction of a new station at Solna-Sundbyberg, a new tunnel and land and civil engineering work. When this project is completed, it will allow for an increased number of trains to use the rail line daily, making a significant difference to the lives of many Swedes who use it daily.

    Line runs north of Lake Mälaren between Stockholm and Örebro, via Västerås. On the part of Mälarbanan closest to Stockholm, the tracks are currently in maximum use, leading to major delays on this popular rail line. As part of this project, the rail line will be expanded between Tomteboda and Kallhäll from two to four tracks. The commuter trains will be allowed to travel on the inner middle tracks whilst the long-distance trains and other trains will travel on the outer tracks.

  • Strata have been involved in this project since initial tender bid stage, working for Skanska, developing an overview master schedule and phasing strategy. Following this we have been engaged for the pre-construction phase of the project which runs until Q1 2021. This phase involves further development of the master schedule, integrating design, procurement and construction stage activities including value engineering and alternative design proposals and logistical constraints. Works are planned to commence in Q3 2021 for an 8 year construction period.


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