Refrigeration Plant Upgrade

  • Sector

    Oil & Gas

  • Size


  • Value

    Multi million

  • Client

    Kaefer Group

  • The Bellanaboy Bridge Gas Terminal project involves a refrigeration plant upgrade of an existing Gas Terminal. During the life cycle of the existing Gas Terminal, the arrival pressure of the gas will drop as the reservoir declines. The installation of the new plant is therefore crucial to maintaining pressure and production levels.

    The project involves the design, fabrication and installation of SMP as well as all required commissioning and tie-in works to the existing facility. All Civil infrastructure works to support the new plant are also included.


    Strata’s scope of works involves providing full schedule management services including:

    • Establishing Baseline Schedule for the project.Assessing project progress against the baseline.
    • Recording as-built information.
    • Earned Value Reporting to Client.
    • Undertaking planning sessions with project team.
    • Accurately reflecting project change in the schedule.
    • Incorporating shutdown schedule scope into project schedule.
    • Undertaking ‘what-if’ scenarios for project team review.
    • Critical Path analysis.


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