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Planning, the way forward for 2017

Whilst not always possible, by spending substantially more time in the early planning phase of a construction job and involving the multiple different stakeholders, you can greatly minimise the risks of unwanted surprises during your actual construction phase. The construction schedule is one of the primary ways in which you can identify and eliminate time and resource inefficiencies.

A properly constructed schedule is an important tool in ensuring projects are completed in the shortest possible time, and that the best use of available resources is made, whilst integrating often neglected important key factors; procurement and design.

Yet many schedules are poorly prepared, do not include all important information and in many cases, are simply not communicated to the relevant parties. Once the most effective schedule (taking into account; commercial value, safety, quality and construction efficiencies) is established, it must be kept up to date. Site management need to be involved and take ownership of the baseline plan. They also need to update progress in as close to real time as possible, ideally on a weekly basis. This allows for quick identification of potential project slippages and gives your construction team the opportunity to take swift corrective action.

An outdated construction schedule represents a threat to your business as you risk making decisions based on inaccurate information. These decisions can ultimately shape the success of your construction project.

Strata are experts in construction planning and scheduling and using our years of experience, we will help you to deliver the right mix of planning, monitoring and control that your project needs to ensure its successful completion.

Please do contact us to learn more about how we can enhance your planning in 2017.

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