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Irish construction output to increase – More innovation needed to deliver productivity gains

As reported recently by CIF, The volume of Irish construction output is forecast to have increased by approximately 11% by the end of 2018. For 2019, CIF project a further growth of 6% for 2020, 4.2%, leading to an average annual growth rate in the period 2018-2020 of just over 7%.

However, the reduced intake in construction-related courses as a direct result of the recession, has led to lower number of graduates entering the labour market This reduced supply of job ready civil and building service engineers is expected to impact the sector further in 2019 as demand for these skills grows further.

In addition, innovation in technology and construction management is transforming the way in which the sector is managed. This is driving an increase in demand for specialists and opening up opportunities for specialist contracting firms.

Strata is proud to be at the front of this innovation and partnering with our customers in Ireland and across Europe, to improve their productivity. We use our skills and expertise to bring a fresh approach to project sequencing, planning, time management, delay analysis and 4D modelling.

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