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Strata Reinforces Sustainable Construction Mission with IGBC Membership

As a leading provider of digital construction specialist services, our mission at Strata is rooted in leveraging cutting-edge digital solutions to not only enhance project efficiency and accuracy, but also to significantly reduce the environmental impact associated with construction projects. It is with great pride that we announce our membership with the Irish Green Building Council (IGBC), an example of our commitment to fostering a sustainably built environment.

The Importance of Sustainable Construction

While essential to progressing urban development and infrastructure growth, the construction sector also stands as a contributor to environmental degradation, indicating a need to transition toward more sustainable construction practices.

At Strata, we understand that sustainable construction projects are not just beneficial for the environment, but are also crucial for ensuring long-term economic and social well-being. Through our innovative digital solutions for construction, we are setting new standards in the industry. Our advanced technologies and methodologies are designed to minimise waste, reduce energy consumption, and ensure the efficient use of resources, marking a significant step forward in the journey to construction sustainability.

Why Partner with the Irish Green Building Council?

The Irish Green Building Council has been instrumental in leading the charge for a greener, more sustainably built environment in Ireland and beyond. Since its inception in 2011, the IGBC has worked tirelessly to promote the adoption of green building practices, providing a robust framework for the industry to follow. Strata’s membership with the IGBC is a natural alignment of values and objectives, as we both strive toward transforming the construction and property sectors into global leaders in sustainability and quality. 

The IGBC’s commitment to education, advocacy, and the development of sustainable building tools resonates with Strata’s goals of innovation and excellence in digital construction solutions. Through this partnership, we are not just adhering to green building certifications, but also actively contributing to shaping the future of construction, ensuring it is sustainable, efficient, and beneficial for all stakeholders involved.

Significance of an IGBC Membership

Strata’s recent induction into the IGBC marks a pivotal moment in our sustainability journey. This membership grants us unparalleled access to a network of industry pioneers and thought leaders, helping advance our mission to grow in sustainable construction practices. The IGBC also offers a unique platform for us to demonstrate leadership and actively contribute to the shaping of industry best practices and innovative sustainable building tools.

Additionally, the Irish Green Building Council also gives members access to comprehensive training and Continued Professional Development (CPD) programs. This service will help further elevate our team’s expertise in green building practices, ensuring that our projects exceed the current standards for sustainability. Strata’s commitment to the construction industry’s sustainability is further solidified through our active participation in the development of new sustainable building tools, driving innovation and efficiency across all our projects.

Strata’s Role in Sustainable Construction

Through this exclusive membership, we at Strata are uniquely positioned to bolster our sustainability goals. Our dedication to green building is evident in our portfolio of projects, each embodying our commitment to innovative design and environmental stewardship. Through our expertise in planning & scheduling, visualisation & modelling, project controls, data analytics, and delay analysis, we provide solutions that optimise the construction process while minimising environmental impact, embodying the best in green building practices.

Our role extends beyond project execution; we are educators and advocates for sustainable construction. By integrating IGBC’s sustainability standards into our methodologies, we aim to set a new benchmark for the industry, demonstrating that it is possible to achieve excellence in construction while prioritising the health of our planet. 

Strata and IGBC: The Future of Construction Projects

Looking ahead, Strata envisions a future where sustainable construction is not just a niche market, but the industry standard in Ireland and globally. Our collaboration with the IGBC is a testament to our belief that significant strides in sustainability can only be achieved through collective effort. As global leaders in sustainable construction, we are committed to driving innovation and embracing new technologies that facilitate this vision.

This partnership calls upon the entire construction industry to rise to the challenge of sustainability. It is a call to action for builders, architects, engineers, and developers to join us in this crucial mission. By working together, we can transform the construction landscape, ensuring that the structures we erect today leave a positive legacy for generations to come, both architecturally and environmentally. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how to make your construction project more sustainable through our advanced services, contact us today.


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