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Strata are specialists in all aspects of construction planning for both small and large-scale projects.

<h2>Strata are specialists in all aspects of construction planning for both small and large-scale projects.</h2>

We prepare detailed construction tender programmes including proposed sequencing strategies, method statements, guidance on staffing allocation/costs, logistics and all other time related costs. We also provide guidance on the visual and verbal presentation of tender planning bids.

Tailored to individual project requirements, we can provide some or all of the below documents to support tender bid submissions:



Supporting our planning and project controls knowledge and expertise, we are experienced in the use of all leading construction planning software including:





The most serious challenges to a construction project success are schedule changes, cost adjustments, and financial and contractual risks. These challenges can be proactively managed by having an effective project controls system in place, ensuring programmes and projects that are delivered in a timely, cost-effective and stress-free manner.

Strata support clients by developing a thorough project controls system, tailored to suit the needs of each individual project. This includes preparation of a detailed project master plan, integrating design deliverables, procurement and construction planning. The master plan can be used to prepare a series of project templates including tracking schedules, procurement and design delivery schedules and also be used as a basis for establishing project reporting procedures.

We help clients establish a clear project baseline, from which we will monitor construction project progress closely. This close monitoring is crucial to ensure the protection of the overall project duration and proactive management of any procurement client, design or construction related changes. We monitor project progress using leading planning software and through the issuing of regular formal written reports, which are highly valued by clients.

Strata’s construction stage time management and reporting services include delivery of the following:

  • Development of tender stage plan into detailed construction programme – both contract and site target programme
  • Integration of design elements and procurement with construction activities
  • Establishment of subcontractor detailed programmes and tracking matrices for key packages
  • Detailed phasing and zonal plans that are derived from the main construction sequence
  • Generation of key project milestones to track performance KPIs
  • Resource loading, levelling & S curve generation
  • Establishment of contract baseline for reporting
  • Preparation of detailed progress reports that can be tailored to suit your needs and level of detail required – covers all time related aspects of the project.
  • Continuous project tracking of the programme against the agreed baseline, straight line progress reporting and recovery analysis
  • As built analysis and representation of project changes and delays
  • Facilitation of the “Last Planner” system and Lean Construction Techniques

Strata has extensive experience in managing the integration of client stakeholders and direct contracts into the overall construction process. This includes procurement, delivery, installation and commission of stakeholder items.

We provide support to ensure Fixtures, Fittings & Equipment (F,F & E) and client direct contractor works are integrated into the overall construction project programme, providing a turnkey project service.

Strata most recently provided this service on the ESS Lund project in Sweden, where there are five separate client divisions, all of which have separate installation works to each of the 22 buildings being delivered by the main contractor. The services performed by Strata on behalf of the main contractor (client) included agreement of access dates, status of building at handover and integration of stakeholders works with that of the main contractor where concurrent works occur. The stakeholder items managed as part of this process will contribute to ESS Lund establishing itself as the world’s most powerful and advanced neutron source.